Pastor Nash

Pastor Nash has been in the ministry for over thirty years, many of which has been involved in Christian education.  He has been a teacher and coach.  He has a heart for helping young people through Christian education.

Mr. Stewart

Mr. Stewart has been the administrator of TBCS since 2008.  He graduated from Pensacola Christian College in 2006 with his Master of Science in Education Administration.  He has had over twenty years in Christian education.  Besides his administration responsibilities, he also teaches throughout the day and helps with the boys' basketball team.

Mrs. Stewart

Mrs. Stewart has over twenty years in the classroom.  She has taught many different grade levels, so she has a mastery of how each grade level builds on the next.  She has served our school as the PreSchool/Kindergarten director and has taught the little ones for many years.  Her students love her dearly.  Her classroom has a sense of excitement as the students learn not only the basics of Reading, 'Riting, and 'Rithmetic, but also Bible and character training, obedience to authority, and getting along with others in their age group.


Ms. Williams

Ms. Williams is coming to join TBCS this year.  She has many years of ministry experience and has taught with a missionary family in Cambodia.  We are very thankful that the Lord has brought her to help our team reach boys and girls for Him.  She also has experience with music, both singing and playing instruments that will be helpful for our ministry.

1st/2nd Grade

Mrs. Davis

Mrs. Davis is starting her third year on staff at TBCS teaching third and fourth grade.  She has done a phenomenal job with our students.  We appreciate her dedication and servant spirit.  In addition to her teaching in our middle elementary, she also helps in many areas of our ministry, both in the church and school.  We are looking forward to many years of her being on our team here at TBCS!!

3rd/4th Grade

Mr. Davis

After graduating from college, Mr. Davis had hopes of going to Africa as a missionary. The Lord closed that door, but opened the door for him to go into Christian education.  After having several years of being a substitute teacher of many different ages, he was able to teach full time in East Tennessee.  He has several years of experience in the classroom and in athletics.  He is a tremendous example to our students in doing things in the classroom in an excellent way.

Middle School Math/Science

Mrs. Nash

How many would say their favorite class in school was English class?  At Temple, that is the usual response.  From making ice cream to some other interesting creation in the classroom, Mrs. Nash's students have a lot to look forward to.  The students learn to write as many as twenty different kinds of poetry before they graduate.  As our pastor's wife, she takes every opportunity to invest in the lives of her students spiritually too, especially as the girls' volleyball coach.

High School English & Speech

Mrs. Butler

Mrs. Butler has been on staff at TBCS for over thirteen years.  She teaches our upper math and science classes.  Her ability in the classroom is evidenced by how the students are able to perform on the ACT testing for graduation.  She uses different strategies to help the students learn the concepts of both math and science.  You can see her heart for the Lord because of her concern for her students.

9th-12th Grade

Mr. Moser

Mr. Moser is starting his second year of ministry at Temple.  His main responsibility in the ministry is to serve as the youth pastor, but he will be helping in the school as well.  He will be teaching Bible, a couple computer classes, and other academic classes this year.  He is dedicated to doing things the very best way and helping our students to reach their fullest potential.  We are excited to see how the Lord will use him as he ministers to our young people.

Bible/Computers/Youth Pastor

Mrs. Moser

Mrs. Moser graduated from TBCS and has now returned to serve on our staff.  She will be teaching the language arts for several of our grade levels and helping with the fine arts programs as well.  She is assisting in the volleyball coaching this fall as well.  Not only will she be working in the school, but she is also our new youth pastor's wife, so she will be investing in the lives of our young people through our church ministries.

Language Arts & Fine Arts

Ms. Blake

Ms. Blake does a fantastic job of managing our front office.  She takes care of many responsibilities in the ministry.  If you need to make a payment, or have any questions in general, please call the office.  We are very thankful for the great work that she does on the front lines of the ministry.

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