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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

We live in a world that changes rapidly.  By the time you purchase the latest and greatest computer, it is out of date when you get in the parking lot.  If you buy the newest technology in the cell phone industry, it is just a few weeks until the next phone or software update will be released.​


At Temple, we believe the old ways are the best ways.  We strive to use time-proven methods of instructing our young people so they have the best possible foundation going forward in life.  

TBCS has chosen to use the A Beka Books curriculum throughout all grade levels.  This Christian school curriculum, based on the Bible, has proven itself over time to be a solid basis for instruction.


Our reading programs start at the youngest levels using a traditional, phonics-based approach.  Rather than using Common Core standards, our math students begin with memorizing the basic math facts so they have confidence to build upon a solid foundation.  All grade levels, including the preschool, learn and develop their writing ability in cursive writing.

This approach to instructing the students at Temple Baptist Christian School has proven itself many times with above average scores in all grade levels on standardized tests.  Our high school students regularly score very well on the ACT college entrance test.  

Schedule a visit so you can see first hand a quality academic program for your student.

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