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Local VFW Honors TBCS Teacher and Students

One of the greatest gifts that we can teach our children is a great love for God, and almost as important, a love for our country.  We work hard to instill in the students from the youngest grades a sense of patriotism.  One way we have accomplished this goal is to have our students participate in writing competitions sponsored by military organizations such as the VFW and the Fleet Reserve.  This year, TBCS was recognized with three students placing in their respective age categories.  Additionally, Mrs. Nash was recognized as the local VFW Teacher of the Year for the high school level.  We are honored to work with the VFW to continue teaching our students the great need for patriotism in our country.


Mrs. Nash, Teacher of the Year

Temple is pleased to announce that Mrs. Nash was recognized as the 2021-2022 VFW Teacher of the Year.  She was recognized for her dedication to our students and excellence in encouraging our students to creatively express ways that we can demonstrate our patriotism.  Needless to say, we are very proud of Mrs. Nash and this wonderful recognition.

Students' Recognition

Several TBCS students were also recognized.

Rylee Bachyrycz, a sophomore, placed second in the Voice of Democracy writing for the high school level competition.

Additionally, Reagan Clark, an eighth grade student, placed first for the Patriot's Pen writing for the middle school level.

We are very excited to see these students learn about how important it is for us to love our country!

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